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European Water Supply
Europe needs water from regions with conduct abound in other regions, Europeanwater-Supplysystem.
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European Water Supply, Eric Hoyer

Why should water be used sustainably?
Not only drought created water shortages, but also excessive consumption of agriculture and private.
Water for Europe is also drinking water for southern Europe, there is a public water!
My suggestion is the only realistic, ecological, sustainable, viable, enabling the enormous amounts of drinking water will be needed obviously.
Certainly there are other - savings at the various locations and among consumers, but which can never be a country like Spain and other Mediterranean countries with water supply in drought and water shortage.
The other projects require the construction of dams (for company, I have invented a new type of dam and other facilities, if interested please contact me) -.
In the southern countries are often enough dams exist, but the water then absent in drought to water. It lacks alternative projects - including dams - and have existing then the offered volume is not enough water, because there are newer dams are partially shrunk by material entry considerably in volume. They have been applied incorrectly, and exactly this, I created a completely new type of dam!
Through my proposal from the European
Water supply from the north to the south is that interpretation the only viable at all.
Other proposals are not enough to efficiently operate a water supply system with this benötigtem volume.
Northern Europe has the water - below is told how much is possible and available.
For with such huge water reserves and the possible caching and additional feeds on the way to the south, the chance is an actual European water system financially realistic to provide such a volume of water also.
To build this effectively, it is necessary for Spain and other countries, from the south, this
To build European -Wasserleitung.
Since there is currently no comparable alternative but to provide European water in the south, which is approximately as my suggestion would also be environmentally friendly.
In my solution also the greatest possible benefit from the volume can be reached!
From the reviewed situation only my suggestion is actually realistic, ie to deliver one or more clean fjords of Norway through Sweden from northern Europe to southern Europe water.
These have water in abundance.
On the way to the south all residents can benefit from this water pipe.
Because of the need, it makes sense to build the pipelines after my method from Spain since the passing through countries then in emergencies from their and could contribute also from the other countries with reserves for the time being.
The relevant institutions in the south should be supported by the EC in Brussels financially.
Friendly greeting
Eric Hoyer

I do not guarantee the translation!


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